Mamidikaya thokku pachadi (Dry Mango pickle)

Ingredients :
1. Sour mango pieces    : 1 large mangoes. Peel off tskin.
2. Salt                             : ½ cup
3. Red chilli powder        : ¾ cup
4. Asafetida                    : 1 tsp
5. Turmeric                     :  ½ tsp
6. Oil                              : 1 cup
7. Mustard                      : 2 tsp
8. Fenugreek                  : 3 tbsp

Preparation :
1.Wash and wipe mangoes, peel the skin of the mangoes and cut into thin slices.
2. Dry roast mustard and fenugreek seeds seperately, cool and ground to a fine powder.
3. Heat oil in a thick large pan, crackel mustard seeds and asefotedia.
4. Add thinly cut mangoes and fry them for 2-3 minutes. Add turmeric, mustard fenugreek powder and salt. Continue frying till the mangoe pieces becomes soft. Let it cook on low flame for 15-20 mins till
It forms a thick mass, keep stirring continously.
5. Add red chilli powder and mix well by adding oil continously, cook for another 15 mins till the oil comes seperate from the pickle.
6. Let the pickle come to room temperature and store it in an air tight container.